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Midlantic Labeling & Packaging
Midlantic Labeling & Packaging


Clamshells and Labeling

As a distributor for Pactiv and other clamshell manufacturers, Mid-lantic Labeling & Packaging stocks a complete line of clamshells ranging from 4.4 oz. to 4 lb. containers, herb clamshells and other specialty clamshells.

We can custom design, print, and apply your labels to any size clamshell using our high speed labeling equipment.

Corrugated Boxes and Assembly Equipment

Mid-lantic Labeling & Packaging carries a wide range of stock corrugated produce boxes and waxed boxes or we can custom design and print your packaging. We also specialize in modular display-ready trays for clamshells or loose produce.

Reduce your labor costs by allowing us to assemble your packaging at our facility using our various tray formers. Your boxes will be assembled, palletized, wrapped, and shipped to your location ready for your production line.

For customers requiring extremely high volumes we can place a tray former at your location and provide you with the training and maintenance you need to run the equipment efficiently.


Warehousing and Delivery

Reduce your inventory requirements by allowing Mid-lantic to warehouse your packaging materials and ship them when you need them. We provide you with a reliable, steady source of your materials that are always less than a day or two away.

We can drop trailers at your location so you can unload as you pack and save your floor space for more important parts of your operation.








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