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Midlantic Labeling & Packaging
Midlantic Labeling & Packaging


Why choose Mid-lantic Labeling & Packaging?

Focus - Mid-lantic Labeling & Packaging is a family owned business specializing in packaging for the produce industry. By focusing on a single industry we are able to fully comprehend the needs of our customers.

Personal Attention - Because there are no “normal” business hours in the produce industry, we make ourselves available to our customers every day of the year, including weekends and holidays. The size of our company allows us to give our customers the high level of personal attention that they deserve.

Experience - With over 50 years of experience between the owners, we understand your need for quick turnaround times and prompt deliveries.

Consolidation - Mid-lantic allows our customers to deal with one company for all of their packaging needs, including: clamshells, corrugated boxes, labels, clamshell labeling, and carton assembly equipment and other packaging services.

Flexibility - At Mid-lantic we always maintain a flexible schedule, allowing us to cover your unforeseen packaging needs in a quick and efficient manner.








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